Brought up in the north east of Scotland, Ian paints mainly as a hobby, working with acrylics on a variety of supports. The images Ian creates are fairly large as he likes to incorporate a lot of detail into his work. On closer inspection he likes the viewer to discover detail, maybe not apparent at first, as the work is viewed more closely. Ian tends to work from photographs, taken in the most by him, from many different angles, as this gives him the flexibility to be creative. He then chooses one to work from that he thinks will create the best dynamic image for the composition of the painting. After starting work on a painting, Ian will also incorporate other elements to give the final painting a "story" and therefore making it of greater interest.

Please take a look round the site where you will see previous examples of Ian's work, this includes some earlier paintings in the "gallery" and motorcycle/vehicle paintwork in "otherstuff".

If you like the style of Ian's work and would like to commission him for a painting he can be contacted via email by clicking the link below or the contact button on the navigational bar. Ian also stresses that even though his current favourite is a V Twins from the good ol' US of A, he is more than happy to do a painting of any make or type, no matter what the country of origin is.



"Golden Days" Golden Acrylic prize, Aberdeen Artists Society Exhibition 2013

Graphic Art Painting award for "Beat the Storm" 2011 Gordon Art Exhibition.

People's Choice award for "Beat the Storm" 2011 Gordon Art Exhibition.

Graphic Art Painting Donside Frames Award for "That Summer" 2010 Gordon Art Exhibition.


"Golden Days" selected for the Aberdeen Artists Society Exhibition 2013, Aberdeen Art Galleryy

Country Frames NEOS September, 2012

"Beat the Storm" selected for the Aberdeen Artists Society exhibition 2011, Aberdeen Art Gallery

Touched by Scotland Summer exhibition 2010


"Golden Days" shortlisted for Artists and Illustrators Magazine "Artist of the Year". If you would like to help it win the People's Award, please click on the link below;



Featured artist in the May 2012 edition of UK mag "American V"

"Beat the Storm" on the cover of the October 2011 issue of USA magazine Quick Throttle

Quick Throttle Cover


Thank you for taking the time to look around the site, if you have any questions please drop Ian an email to;

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